Watch this young lady at her graduation attempt to stay vertical while walking in high heels and ultimately fail.

‘Tis the season for commencements and graduations and while this momentous event has participants dressing up in their finest clothes and accessories, this graduate simply made the wrong shoe choice.

A student at Mansfield High is seen walking up after receiving her diploma and is obviously having issues walking in high heels. The poor girl made the wrong wardrobe decision that day to wear incredibly high heels and she just can’t walk in them. She is first seen walking, almost shuffling her feet because her shoes either don’t fit or she just doesn’t know how to walk in heels of that caliber. Once she turns to walk on the grass you can see her ankles give way and a sad, but yet funny display of her attempting to not fall ensues. The poor girl is seen struggling to stay on both feet but she simply fails and falls.

The lesson here is to dress comfortably especially when it’s a special occasion so you don’t end up having a terrible wardrobe malfunction or in this case a bad fall.