Maybe you're in the office secret Santa drawing and you drew the new guy in the office...don't have a clue what to get him? Here are some cool guy gifts that they will love and won't break the bank!


  • Skull Ice Cube Mold

    I know this sounds weird, but trust me guys like this kinda stuff. Besides, square ice cubes are so boring! Spic up their glass of Johnnie Walker with some kick ass skulls they will surely want to show their buddies. And for about $15 your wallet won't go cold. Here's is a site you can order the SKULL CUBE MOLD from.
  • Tie Magnet

    The newest trend among the fashionable guy is the tie magnet. It's a genius way to jazz up a boring tie and really bring uniqueness into his work attire. The tie magnets range from $20-$25 and can be found on most men's clothing sites...we found one for you! FIND it here!

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  • Super Slim Wallet

    So many guys have huge wallets packed with old receipts and nonsense. Get him a slim design wallet and he will always be stylin' with a clean looking sleek wallet. They run about $25 and you can find some of our favorites HERE!

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  • Playing Cards...Nice ones

    If you have a gamer on your hands, you can invest in a awesome deck of playing cards and maybe some poker chips. This will have him smiling and knowing you took time to think of his love of the game! They run at about $22 and will allow hours of playing time. Here are some nice sets we found!

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  • Odd Job Multi Tool

    Guys like to fix stuff. They need a tool to fix everything. You can find the tool for the job in a multi tool gift set! It's a handy tool all in one and will work for any manly man. At about $15 you'll be happy you bought it for him when you need a fix! Here is one we liked!

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