According to a news releases, Kelly Ann Garcia, a 29-year-old former teacher that was arrested earlier this year for having a sexual relationship with a student, posted bond on Thursday and is no longer in police custody.

Garcia was arrested in March of this year after being suspected of carrying on an alleged inappropriate relationship with a female student at Hastings High School in Houston, Texas. Garcia was ultimately charged with indecency with a child and sexual assault, and later fired from her teaching position at Hastings when the investigation started to attract media attention.

The relationship between Garcia and the unnamed student allegedly began after the student started staying after school to spend time with Garcia, which was believed by the child’s parents to be a mentor type of situation, with no idea that a sexual relationship was forming.

It wasn’t until the child’s father caught a glimpse of some activities between his daughter and Garcia that it became evident that the two were engaged in a relationship.

Reports indicate that Garcia told the child that she had dreams about her, and allegedly even took her to a sex store where she helped the teen purchase a sex toy. The purchases at the sex store were eventually confirmed when police recovered her credit card records.

In addition, when the teen began bragging about her relationship with Garcia to other students, the assistant principal questioned her about the nature of the bond. Incidentally, she did not deny the relationship.

Garcia posted $60,000 bond on Thursday and is now free on her own recognizance.