Ladies, how many times have you gotten into your car at the grocery store or Target, and gotten a text or needed to check on an email from work on your phone? You're sitting in the parking lot, it's broad daylight - you feel completely safe, right?


This morning in the Lower Valley, a woman was sitting in her car outside a Food City store on I-10 and Hunter, when a man forced his way into her vehicle. Once he was inside the car, he forced her to drive away from the parking lot. Police say this is the fifth carjacking since Thursday of last week.

The woman and her kidnapper were arguing inside the car and it caught the eye of an El Paso Police officer. He began following the car, thinking that the pair were a couple who were arguing. The suspect realized that they were being followed, jumped out of the moving vehicle, and took off running.

A police helicopter and officers on the ground searched for the suspect, but they haven't found him. They gave only a basic description of the suspect. Police say he is a Hispanic male 25-30 years of age, medium build, and unkempt in appearance.

Experts say that just because it's daylight and you're in a crowded parking lot, don't be fooled into thinking you're safe. A carjacker could have a weapon or overpower you before you have the chance to react. It's very easy to get distracted by your phone, but the best thing to do is get in your car, lock your doors, turn on your vehicle and drive away.