You never know who you are driving next to, or what they are capable of. This story is proof of that.

El Paso police say a man has shot at two people in two separate road rage incidents. The first incident happened on U.S. 54 near the Diana Drive exit ramp on the night of May 25th. A man described as beingin his 20s with a thin build and tattoos on his forearms was tailgating another car. He followed the victim into the parking of the Sam's Club on Diana where he tried to cut off the victim's car to make them stop. The suspect pulled a gun and fired at the victims.

About a month later on Loop 375 near I-10 West, the suspect was honking and yelling at a person in another car. He followed the car and shot at the person while they were still on the freeway. The victim was able to avoid being hit by slowing down. The suspect than sped off.

No one was hurt, but now police need to find this moron who shoots at people on the street. He is believed to have been driving a dark colored 1990s model sport car similar to a Ford Mustang. If you have any information about the suspect, please call Crime Stoppers at 566-8477.