There's no more helpless feeling in the world for a parent than when their child is sick.  Imagine how awful you feel when your little one has a cold - now imagine how terrifying it would be if your child needed a kidney.

Nine year old Natalie Mirage got sick, and was first thought to have Mono, but later tests showed she had Good Pasture Syndrome, and her kidneys were failing.  KTSM introduced us to Natalie last night.

Natalie is on the UNOS (United Network forOrgan Sharing) list, which is a non-profit organization that manages the nation's transplant system.  Unfortunately, because only 1 - 2% of people who die have donatable organs, the list is longer than the available organs for donation.

That's why Natalie's family is trying to get a live donor.  The donor would need to be willing to donate a kidney to Natalie right away, and because she has type O blood, the donor would have to be either O positive or O negative.

If you can help, or know someone who can, contact Natalie's mom, Patti Mirage at 423-747-3604, or go to their Facebook pages, Natalie's Prayer Army, or Pray for Natalie.  Our prayers and well wishes go out to Natalie and the entire Mirage family.