The 4th of July Fireworks could be banned in El Paso County for the third straight year in a row.

Johnnie Walker

For the past couple of years, fireworks have been banned in El Paso County because of drought conditions, but this year, it looked like state lawmakers were going to step in and take away the power to ban fireworks from County officials across the state.

But yesterday, El Paso County Commissioners were told that the proposed bills that would prevent them from banning fireworks, all died in the State House.

County Judge Veronica Escobar said that means she will be asking Commissioners court to ban fireworks for the third year in a row if drought conditions in the county continue the way they currently are.

Talks about a ban will continue over the next few weeks, and the county will keep an eye on the index used to measure drought conditions, to determine if conditions improve.

In the meantime, fireworks vendors say they will continue to hope there is a fireworks season.

Or they could just go to check out the fireworks over the two nights of Street Fest!  You can too – all the details about this year’s Street Fest are on

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