A couple of weeks ago on The Hollywood Dirt Blog, Mike posted the details of Katy Perry's tour rider.  Tour riders are those contract details that tell people at different tour stops how a celeb wants their dressing room to be stocked, and in Katy's case, how she doesn't want to be looked at or spoken to by her chauffeur!  Turns out, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for Katy's no eye contact policy.....

It's because of Darshan!  You know, Darshan

Ok, what the heck is Darshan?  Well, it's the concept that if you are in the presence of a great spiritual leader or a holy place or thing, then you get their blessing just by being in their presence.  But you get an even better blessing if you catch their gaze! 

You can check out the whole explanation here, but I think that once you reach the level of success that Katy and other celebs who get the heebee jeebees from contact with the peons, the circle of people in your life gets really, really small.  Those people are probably making a living in some way off of you, so it makes sense for them to keep you isolated so the circle of money-makers doesn't get any bigger.  Seems a little sad, doesn't it? 

Personally, when I get really, really famous - no laughing from the peanut gallery! - I'm going to insist on two hour long massages EVERY DAY!  The other stuff like unfussy furniture and roses that have been de-thorned, don't mean anything if I'm tense!

What would your craziest tour rider be if you were famous and could demand anything?