THE KATIE PERRY TOUR RIDER - DON'T LOOK AT HER, DON'T SPEAK TO HER: The Smoking Gun website got its hands on KATY PERRY’S tour rider, and evidently Katy hates carnations and chauffeurs who try to speak to her. (-- A rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer will set as criteria for performance.)

Here are some of the highlights of the 45-page document: Katie requires two cream-colored egg chairs in her dressing room - one of which should have a footstool - and a pair of floor lamps in "French ornate style."

--For flower arrangements, the singer wants white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses and peonies, but "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS." That is not only in all caps, it's also underlined. It's unclear what her beef is with carnations.

--Regarding chauffeurs, the rider outlines a 23-point "principle driver policy" that prohibits drivers from starting a conversation with Katie. Chauffeurs are not to stare at her through the rear-view mirror either, or ask her for autographs or pictures.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: Friday's Celebrity Birthdays Includes Cher! She's 65 today. I bet she wishes she could turn back time! Ha! I keel me!! Peep the entire list here.

ROMANCE REPORT - KIRSTIE AND ROMEO!!! WTW???: Are KIRSTIE ALLEY and the much younger ROMEO hooking up!!! Why, then, was she photographed kissing him outside the "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal rooms yesterday???

No, Kirstie isn't going all "cougar" on us. It was all a joke ... supposedly! When Romeo and Kirstie left the studio together, a crowd of photographers got into position and began snapping pictures.  That's when Kirstie decided to mess with the paparazzi, walked up to Romeo, and gave him a good long kiss on the lips. Hubba! Hubba!

KE$HA SHOWS US HER TWEETS: Ke$ha wants your teeth. No, really. She's serious. In a series of tweets, Ke$ha explains that she wants to make a necklace out of her fans pearly whites. She tweeted ...

"I've received 1 tooth from a fan. I made it into a necklace. But now I really wanna make a fan tooth necklace to wear to an awards show. So. What I'm getting at is please send me your teeth. I'm dead serious. I need your teeth. Wisdom teeth?? Cmon. Yall got some of those laying around."

LOHAN LUNACY - STALKER UPDATE: LINDSAY LOHAN has been granted a restraining order against a delusional man whose behavior has become so aggressive, Linds fears he could sexually assault her!!!

According to Lindsay, David Cocordan has attempted to contact her through over 100 phone call and text messages to express "delusional thoughts and irrational feelings about his belief they are in a relationship."

Lindsay revealed in the court declaration that David has sent her chocolates and doctored magazine articles, has followed her to at least two public appearances, sent her a text that read, "I'm glad we are engaged," and revealed in yet another message that he got a tattoo done of her! It can't be any worse than the one that one guy got of Charlie Sheen.

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