SEARCH OF JUSTIN BIEBER'S HOUSE TURNS UP DRUGS - LEADS TO ONE ARREST: JUSTIN BIEBER'S home was raided yesterday by L.A. County Sheriff's looking for evidence he egged his neighbor's house last week. Justin was home during the raid, and according to TMZ, was detained in his garage as deputies searched the property.

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Word is they were looking for video from Justin's own surveillance cameras that shows him in the act of vandalizing his neighbor's house as well as anything else that links him to the incident. It's not clear if they found any, but they did find Justin's friend LIL ZA in possession of either cocaine or ecstasy, and arrested him.

Lil Za actually managed to get arrested twice. The second time happened just as he was about to be released on bail. He was on the phone with someone and got angry for some reason and smashed the phone. That earned him the second booking, this time on a vandalism charge.

Many on the World Wide Web of Justice for Justin are wondering why it was necessary to raid his house over an egging stunt. That question was answered by  Lt. David Thompson with the Sheriff's office at a press conference held after the raid. Lt. Thompson said the amount of damage justified a felony charge, and so they investigated it like any other felony.

A neighbor has accused Bieber of egging his house, which reportedly caused $20,000 worth of damage. If police find suitable evidence, Bieber could be facing a felony vandalism charge. At this point, he hasn't been charged or exonerated.

DID HARRY STYLES DISS BIEBER?: Either HARRY STYLES loves breakfast food or he’s throwing some shade at Justin Bieber. Soon after news broke about police raiding the Biebz house, Styles post a picture on his Instagram of two plates of eggs. Of course, it could all be a coincidence, but here are two things to consider: (1.) Styles isn’t a frequent user of either Twitter or Instagram, and (2.) when he does post, rarely if ever is it of the “food porn” variety.

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CHARLIE SHEEN LASHES OUT AT DENISE RICHARDS AGAIN: CHARLIE SHEEN is busting on ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS again. RadarOnline reported a few days ago that Sheen’s new girlfriend is jealous of Denise and has convinced Sheen to kick Richards out of the mansion he owns in the gated community they share. Denise has lived at the home for about a year with her and Charlie’s daughters and her own adopted child.

I feel pretty bad for Denise, having to deal with Charlie and his mood swings the way she does. Sheen has been mad at her for a few months over custody arrangements.

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Amber and Johnny met on the set of the 2011 movie "The Rum Diary". Not long after that, Johnny broke up with his longtime girlfriend VANESSA PARADIS. Amber is 27, Johnny is 50 and my hero!