I get it, I get it. Sodas are bad for you. They rot your teeth. They are nothing but empty calories. You might as well pour sugar straight into your mouth and just kick back and wait for the diabetes to set in. El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar wants to make sure that County employees and people who go to the Courthouse aren't exposed to such dangerous stuff, so she wants to ban soft drinks from vending machines in the Courthouse.

Just say no, Judge. Just say no.

Say no to thinking that it is the County's job to tell people what to eat and drink. Soft drinks are not illegal substances. You can't get pulled over for driving under the influence of Sprite. Should people be drinking that stuff? No. Should you be preventing them from having it made available to them. No. If people want to drink a soda, they should have the option.

The Judge also wants to offer more healthy foods in the Courthouse cafeteria. Bravo! Bravo, I say! I've been to that cafeteria, and it's not the most appetizing menu. I understand that they need to feed 850 employees and countless jurors and other people who go to the Courthouse, but would it kill them to offer a grilled chicken salad?

By all means, get the cafeteria out of the dark ages, Judge, but leave my soda alone.