No Thanksgiving dinner is ever complete without Pumpkin Pie!!

And believe me when I tell you that some of the best pumpkin pie is right here in El Paso at Bowie Bakery!

Pre-Order your pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving from Bowie Bakery! They make it even more convenient with 2 locations:

Westside at 5000 Doniphan / 915.585.2234

Central at 901 S. Park / 915.544.6025

While you’re there might as well pick up some pan dulce…yum!!! Because you know how good an ‘empanada de calabaza’ goes just as great with pumpkin pie and a nice cup of coffee!

Place your order today before they completely sell out! Spice it friends this Thanksgiving with delicious homemade style pumpkin pies and more from Bowie Bakery! And tell them Monika sent you! :-)