Chobani yogurt was pulled from store shelves last Friday for mold problems, but while the company told stores about the problem, they didn't bother to tell you about it.

"Fizzy" is not a good word when talking about yogurt, but that’s what some people were tweeting they saw when they opened some Chobani products recently.  Chobani said a type of mold commonly found in dairy was to blame for the fizziness and the wine taste that others reported.

I gotta say, my stomach turned just typing those words!

Anyhoo, Chobani says the problem affects less than 5 percent of its total production, but the problem isn’t the amount of product involved, it’s how the company handled the problem.  They asked stores to remove the yogurts with the code 16-012 and expiration dates of September 9th –  October 7th, but they didn’t tell the public that they were doing that.  That means you might have those Chobani yogurts in your refrigerator right now.

Chobani officials didn’t say which flavors were involved in the recall, so the best thing to do is check for the code and expiration dates on any Chobani greek yogurt in your fridge.

If you do have the affected Chobani products, you can contact the Chobani customer service team to get replacement products.