CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (6/30/11): Vincent D'Onofrio - 52  "Law & Order:  Criminal Intent" superstar who's done a ton of movie roles as well, including the farmer possessed by the evil "bug" in  “Men in Black” ...

--Mike Tyson - 45  THE star of "The Hangover" movies.

 --Fantasia (a.k.a. Fantasia Barrino) - 27   Your third American Idol. Word is she's pregnant with her MARRIED lover's baby!!!  Photographic evidence here and here.

--Monica Potter - 40  Actress often referred to as the poor man's Julia Roberts because of her striking resemblance to the A-List celeb.  She's the cutie from "Along Came a Spider", "Patch Adams", "Saw" and the first couple of seasons of "Boston Legal".