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Texas Lawmakers Discussing Abortion Rights
62 people died in alcohol related traffic accidents in El Paso in 2010.  We need to ban alcohol, establishments that serve alcohol, and cars to prevent that from happening again.  Pretty stupid, huh?  Well, that’s basically the argument being made in the Texas Legislature about abortion, and there a…
No WalMart In Central El Paso – But Porn Shops Can Stay
Residents in Central El Paso have successfully beaten back a  proposed Walmart Neighborhood Market in their neighborhood.  So, why is that a bad thing?  It’s a bad thing because they missed out on the chance to bring jobs to the area, more shopping choices, and a well landscaped…
Texas Ranks as a Leading State for Collecting Sin Taxes
All of the drinking and smoking indiscretions of Texans have become a multi-billion dollar business, as a recent report indicates that the state’s sin tax revenue has risen over 107 percent within the last decade.
According to Bloomberg, while Texas takes pride in low personal income tax and overall …
Is Saying ‘El Chuco’ Just Frontin’?
I was reading the newspaper on Sunday, and I ran across a column that talked about a very popular nickname for El Paso.  I've never used 'El Chuco' before, and honestly, had never heard it used a lot until about 3 years ago.  What about you?

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