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West Texas Dump Now Accepting Nuclear Waste
The federal government is now depositing low-level radioactive materials in Harold Simmons’ remote waste facility in West Texas. That’s because Simmons says he has grand visions of making the dump accessible to a myriad of waste byproducts.
Texas Could Be Getting Closer to Legalizing Marijuana
There is some speculation that the latest FBI crime statistics will encourage Texas to seriously consider legalizing marijuana.
According to Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project, millions of dollars are essentially being thrown away by law enforcement agencies busting casual smokers. “There is…
Texans May Soon Have More Email Privacy
Texans may soon be getting a little more privacy when it comes to who is legally able to read their emails.
Earlier this week, lawmakers sent a bill to Governor Perry’s desk that, if signed, will essentially make it against the law for any state-level officials to snoop around in a Texan's email acco…
Downtown Triple A Ballpark Breaks Ground Today
Today is the day the whole city comes together to celebrate the official ground breaking of the Downtown Triple A Ballpark!  There will be banners flying, marching bands, kids and parents embracing our City officials who brought us....... yeah, ok, not everyone is happy.  I got it.  B…

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