Want to be seen by millions of people on February 3rd? How about winning a trip to the Super Bowl? Beyonce can help you with that.

Pepsi and Beyonce are teaming up for this year's Super Bowl halftime performance. Millions of people usually don't watch the game just for the teams playing. They are usually paying attention to the commercials, waiting for halftime and stuffing their face once the game is on.

I'll probably be one of those people this year because my Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to be playing. Luckily, the halftime performance is one worth watching. Beyonce sure knows how to put on a live performance.

If you are going to tune in to see the halftime show, why not watch to see if a picture of you will be shared around the world? Check out Pepsi's website to submit photos of you following some instructions on how to pose for the pictures they are asking for.

Pepsi has already revealed five poses for you to choose from, shout, bop your head, tap your foot, pucker up and jump in the air. The only rules they wish for you to follow is to not show any logos, shoot landscape, best quality, flash on and at night. They must have some master plan going on with this idea.

If you don't like any of these poses five, five more are waiting to be revealed. Once you submit a photo before January 11, 2013, you are entered into a contest where you could win a trip for two to New Orleans to watch Beyonce perform from the field. They are giving away fifty of these tickets so try it out!

If you are not as excited about Beyonce's performance watch this. It may help pump you up!