Baby Camilo was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, also referred to as "half a heart".

Only 1 in 10,000 babies are born with this rare defect, and even more rare that he has survived this long! Baby Camilo has open heart surgery on September 25 and his parents are praying for a miracle.

Camilo's diagnosis is just what it says, he literally has half a heart. His little atrium and ventricle on his good side are double pumping to keep him alive. Read more about his diagnosis in detail HERE.

I fell in love with his Facebook Page because it is written as it is from his point of view. For example yesterday this photo was posted with this caption:


"I can see the world! Today mommy and me went to the grocery store really early to beat the Labor Day crowd. It was my first time ever sitting in the shopping cart as mommy pushed me. I could see everyone and everything and I loved it. Mommy explained, that today was Labor Day. She said that one day I will have to go to work and someone will pay me to help them or that I will pay someone to help me... (that one sounds a lot better, since I am my mommy's boss and its a lot more fun seeing her do everything.) Anyway she explained that Labor Day is a holiday to observe all the hard working Americans. Its a day to have fun, BBQ's and enjoy "the last real weekend of summer." She also said that some people say you can't wear "white" after Labor Day, whatever that means! Well I hope that everyone has a fantastic day today! Have a good one heart family!"

I love how his mom has turned this difficult situation into a time to find online supporters! Let's all send good vibes to Baby Camilo and I will keep all the KISS-FM audience informed!
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