There's a road in Horizon City where it's said a phantom drifter is often seen, and where an unknown number of bodies are supposedly buried along the route.

During the day, Ascencion Blvd looks like any other long stretch of desolate road outside El Paso's city limits.

But at night, when its pitch black and your car headlights are one of the few light sources, the road takes on a spooky, sometimes sinister feel.


Legend has it the seemingly innocent rural road has a dark and deadly past. The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society chronicled its alleged haunting in a recent Facebook post.

They say that if you drive down this road at night, as you approach [Mountain View High School], you may happen to see a ghostly figure of a man appear, walking along the roadside. And the story says, if you dare to stop to offer him a ride, he will vanish as mysteriously as he appeared."

Although it reads like a campfire tale that's been around for years, the ghost hunters claim "there is actually documentation of these types of sightings dating back a few decades."

According to the paranormal group, local police "have multiple reports on file" from people who called them out of concern after they slowed or turned around to offer a man help only to discover he had disappeared.

Heather Shade

What do you think, is the story of Ascencion Blvd just an urban legend, or an urban legend that happens to be true? We report, you decide!