Mama always said a little wood could cause big problems, and drivers found that out the hard way this morning...

If you were trying to get to the east side this morning and had to travel near the Geronimo overpass on I-10 east, you ran into a traffic backup that was worse than a kitchen sink after a Thanksgiving meal!

Three lanes of traffic had to be closed because crews that had done some work on the overpass this weekend left behind a piece of wood in the concrete patch.

A TxDot official said only one lane of traffic was supposed to be closed, but the inexperienced crew on site closed down three lanes instead.  Sounds like a guy thing to do, right ladies?  Do all that work with just one lane closed down?  Surely not!  This calls for a MAN SIZED traffic tie-up!

Click on the link above for the full story, but I warn you, this kind of thing is going to be with us for a while, so get used to it!  And keep it tuned to 93.1 KISS FM in your car, at home, and at work, so the next time the TxDoh! fellas go to work, you'll know to take a different route to wherever you're going!