Craigslist has some crazy things for sale sometimes but it is fun to look through the ads. Sometimes you come across a really cool deal and it's even better if it's FREE! Here are 8 cool free things on Craigslist right here in El Paso.


  • 1

    Free to a good home

    Here's is a beautiful pup that needs YOU El Paso! And even better, she's free to a good home. Lots of animal lovers out there and I hope someone can take her and love her like she will you.
  • 2

    Black Lab puppy

    This little guy needs a home too, and he's free! The owner recently fell ill and is no longer able to care for him. He is a puppy and probably needs some training but it's perfect because you can train him to your home and needs.
  • 3

    Free Landscape Rock

    Doing some work around the yard and need to spruce it up? Landscape rock does the trick and what's better than free? Pick it up!
  • 4

    Free Scrap Wood and Pallets

    Have a project you're working on? Maybe a DIY or getting crafty this summer and need some wood? There are FREE pallets just waiting to be used!
  • 5

    Free sofa

    Maybe you need to change it up in the living room or have been needing a newer sofa. Here it is, and it's a nice one at that and it is FREE! Did I mention free again?
  • 6

    Free Big Screen TV

  • 7


    If you love to read and learn, this is the free stuff you'll like. All kinds of books just waiting to be read and heads up UTEP students, some are text books that may come in handy.
  • 8

    Free Sharpei

    Just look at that face. This one is too good to pass up. If you're in the market for a cute little like guy this, look no further.