Sometimes having a car is nothing but a hassle. You have to constantly refill it with gas, make sure the oil gets changed, wash it, vacuum it, and worry about it being stolen by some dirtbag who can't bother to get their own.

According to the El Paso Police Department, these are the top 5 most stolen vehicles in El Paso since just the beginning of this year. 231 vehicles have been reported stolen, so make sure you lock up your vehicle so your vehicle doesn't end up on this list.

  • 1

    Ford F-150

    23 Ford F-150s have been stolen since January. Trucks are far and away the favorite target on thieves hit list.

    courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • 2

    Dodge Ram 1500

    16 Dodge Ram 1500s have gone missing since the beginning of the year.

    courtesy: Getty Images News
  • 3

    Honda Civic

    The owners of 11 Honda Civics have had to deal with their rides being stolen since January of this year.

    courtesy: Getty Images News
  • 4

    GMC Sierra

    7 GMC Sierras have gone missing in the first few months of this year.

    courtesy: Getty Images News
  • 5

    BMW, Ford Expedition, Ford F-250, and Nissan Rogue

    There was a four way tie for fifth place on this list of most stolen vehicles. Each make has seen 6 vehicles stolen, but the BMW model was not specified. The vehicle pictured is a Nissan Rogue.

    courtesy: Getty Images North America