1. The People Pigeons of Japan

courtesy: google maps

So your looking for directions around Mitaka Station in Musashino, Tokyo you are gonna come upon a wacky view.  Google's Street View cam was perched as they passed through the tree-lined way along Tamagwa Aqueduct, at the time it was has a group of folks wearing pigeon HEADS!

2.  The Pink Humongous Wabbit, Italy

courtesy google maps

So your taking a trip to Artesina, in Piedmont, Northern Italy you will come across a tripped out view.  The tip of the hill you come across a wasklly rabbit that looks like it fell from the sky.

3.  The French person is sunburned or fake model

courtesy google maps

So this time we make our way to France and find a balcony with a bike, sliding doors, and a mannequin or is it a Halloween joke, now what am I looking at.

4.  Pull your PANTS UP, U.K.

courtesy google maps

High Street, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, finds a gent of night of accidental dropsies or um…huh…morning of possible fallsies…either way he was taking a load off...

5.  Time to show Big Brother who's BOSS, England

courtesy google maps

This was taken in London and it looks like sister is mad cause big brother changed the morning show from Mike and Tricia to something that isn't Mike and Tricia but COPY KATS!!!!!!!