We all have Googled our own house on Google maps just to see what it looks like from a sky view. Well just recently, Google maps updated their satellite and a new place never seen before has come up.

The mystery land is in New Mexico near the outskirts of El Paso around Fort Bliss. It is about 13.6 Miles out and it looks interesting. It has a half circle look to it and when you zoom in there are some buildings vehicles, some small lakes, what seems to be a tower and even a helicopter landing area.

At first it appears to be connected to Fort Bliss, but we can't be sure. One of the lakes looks very brown in color and doesn't look like it is housing water. May be some type of chemical. There also seems to be some sand piles throughout the land, you can check it out and zoom in on Google Maps. Whatever it is, it definitely caught some attention from the new Google map views.