A very popular Oscar winning Actor was spotted in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Who was it? 

Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

Residents of the small town of Los Lunas, New Mexico were absolutely shocked to see Leonardo DiCaprio show up at a downtown restaurant for lunch this week. Even after finishing his meal DiCaprio stayed for nearly 15 minutes chatting with patrons and taking pictures with fans.

Needless to say he was all the buzz that day in New Mexico as he was passing through. Patrons of the restaurant by the name of Adriana Steele and Madison Martinez were just done eating their meal and DiCaprio walked in.

We were almost finished with our meal when he walked in and everyone in the restaurant just suddenly stopped talking.  It was so crazy!  I couldn’t believe it was him!”

Just a couple weeks prior to Leo’s visit to Los Lunas, he finally won an Oscar for his roll in The Revenant.