Have you seen those billboards popping up around El Paso with the words "So It's Good" and wondered what the heck they were all about? Well, here's what I've learned: part of their purpose is to make you feel better about being a Sun City resident. But Mike, you're asking, how are those two words supposed to instill local pride in me? That part hasn't been revealed yet. In fact, the entire marketing campaign hasn't been revealed yet

Right now the billboards are in what's known in the marketing business as the 'teaser campaign' phase -- much like those "End is Near" billboards that popped up a couple of years ago and turned out to be advertisements for a local hospital. According to Bill Blaziek, General Manager of the El Paso Convention Center, the plan is to unveil their strategy at a luncheon on May 9th, the beginning of National Tourism Week. It is then we'll all know how the Strategic Task Force plans "to excite El Pasoans about El Paso."

I have my doubts that a few well placed billboards will instill any local pride in someone who already thinks this place is anything but "Hellpaso", but I am having fun trying to figure out what the billboards will end up reading. I figure the way the words 'so' and 'good' are spaced out the 'so' will turn into El Paso. As far as the 'good', well, my best guess is the final product will be something like "El Paso Living is Good" or "El Paso Life is Good."

How 'bout you, what's your best guess? Let me know in the "leave a comment" box below.