I've seen it all over Facebook and now I'm asking myself, "Why is everyone getting a tattoo of a semicolon on their wrist?" I decided to find out....First of all, the semicolon represents where the sentence could've ended but didn't. Just as how suicide could be prevented but wasn't. Many teachers are getting this tattoo in support of the fight against suicide in students. Three teens self harm every hour, teachers see this in students everyday and are spreading awareness to put it to a stop.

Their mission statement on Facebook reads..."We are trying to raise awareness about self harming. We are a group of people who will listen to your stories and help you get through any tough time, answer and questions, and give as much advice as possible.Together we can get through anything."

If you know of someone who can benefit from this Facebook page, maybe even yourself, here is the link:


Let's stop the self harming, the suicides and the bullying.

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