October 31st is nearly upon us! That means you need costume ideas ASAP, lest you be forced to cobble something together from the loose boa feathers, rubber animal noses and too-tight kids' costumes littering the picked-over Halloween aisle like so many tumbleweeds.

So what'll it be this year? You can go scary, classic (or "generic," depending on your feelings about "Sexy Cat"), punny with a visual joke (risking some awkward over-explanation at the refreshment table), or just plain weird. And then, of course, there's the ever-popular "topical" costume.

If you choose to keep things pop-culturally current, online costume vendors are ready to outfit you with a topical polyester ensemble if you're willing to shell out the cash...and the options range from clever to just plain cringeworthy.

Click the gallery above to see them all, from (SEXY!) Pizza Rat to The Dress. (Yes, the dress.)