Daddy Chuy use to flip the light on and start singing to me "School days, school days" from kindergarden to my senior year in high school (your always in my heart, pop)…School is in FULL Steam so has some tips to make sure kids stay safe as make their way to higher learning and to home sweet home.

  • Kids should always try to travel with a friend.  Two minds are better than one in an emergency.
  • Make sure kids know that a STRANGER is someone a parent or a teacher doesn't know.
  • Kids should also know to never take candy, money, or ANYTHING else from someone they don't know.
  • Never get in a car with stranger.  If that stranger starts talking to your kid, make sure they know to stay far way from the car.  They could get pulled in if they get too close.
  • Don't be fooled by strangers!  They can trick kids by walking with them or offering to play video games.
  • Make sure kids know not to give out their name or address.  If a stranger already knows your kid's name, it might be printed on their lunch box, school bag, T-shirt or badge.
  • If they think they are in any danger, make sure they know to RUN to the nearest store, "safe house" or back to school.
  • Make sure that kids know to always tell a parent or teacher if they were in any danger.

What else are we missing, let me know YOUR thoughts!!!!