Building Blocks of Lubbock has been around since I was a kid. I used to go there with my parents if I made good grades and pick out a couple of puzzles and toys. Browsing through toys there was one of my best childhood memories. I took a peek at their Facebook page today and quickly realized that I will never be going there again.

It would make sense for a toy store to use their business page to promote new toys and books, but instead they use it to spread hatred toward members of our community.

Today, the official Building Blocks of Lubbock Facebook page posted a photo of a wolf wearing make-up with text that reads "I just want to read some books to your chickens." Above the image, they added the words "Wake up Lubbock!!! This is happening here and must be stopped!!!"


The post is clearly referring to drag queens reading books to children. They even posted that they will be gathering in Wolfforth to protest an upcoming book reading event at a coffee shop on June 26th. The person who posted this seems to be under the misguided impression that drag queens are some kind of predator and children are not safe in their presence. This could not be further from the truth.

Topher Covarrubio, entertainment director for LUBBOCK Pride, sent this statement to 94.5 FMX:

"Drag Queen Storytimes have been occurring in Lubbock for years, this is not something new. It has become trendy to protest these events because people feel that children are being "converted" to become gay. Drag Queen Storytime is simply the reading of books by Drag Queens. The Queens will not be wearing inappropriate outfits and the books are all child friendly and advocate for the acceptance of all individuals regardless of who they are. To see that a toy store that sells toys designed to help kids push their imagination and creativeness, is now telling kids and their families that they are evil if they attend an event where being creative is encouraged, is just disgusting."
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Instead of showing off cool puzzles and products, Building Blocks of Lubbock has chosen to spew garbage. It's not exactly a smart business plan. Dozens of Lubbock residents are now noticing their icky posts and letting the children's toy store know that love trumps hatred, any day of the week.


I'm not sure why a business would alienate part of their customer base, but they certainly have and I will never shop there again. Children should be taught love and acceptance. Toy stores should sell toys, not hate.

What a disappointing thing to discover.

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