While many schools are organizing bake sales and selling popcorn to raise money for their athletics department, one high school in Georgetown, Texas has decided to put a little firepower into their fundraising activities by raffling off 52 guns in an attempt to raise $25,000 for their football team.

However, this non-traditional means of raising money for a school-supported organization is causing some heated controversy in the wake of recent school shootings. Some of the opposition even believe the idea of raffling firearms in school is a blatant slap in the face to other schools that have been faced with gun violence.

"How wise is this to use guns to raise funds when we know children in other schools have been murdered?" said Karen Carter, chairwoman of the Williamson County Democratic Party.

City Council Member Rachel Jonrowe says she wonders how much of this distasteful raffle is geared towards making a political statement rather than actually raising money for their team. "There's a big difference between the cheerleaders selling popcorn and poinsettias and raffling off guns,” she said.

The high school booster club is reportedly selling tickets for $100 each, with no more than 500 tickets being sold each week for a full year. In addition, only adult members of the booster club are being authorized to sell the tickets. Winners of the shotguns, handguns and semiautomatic weapons will be selected beginning this fall.

"Texas is full of hunters, and you try to take advantage of that marketing opportunity," said booster President Andy Haas. "The fall's a perfect time, right before dove season."

He added that all winners will have to submit to a background check before taking possession of the firearms.