Little Girl Has a Lot of Opinions on Toy Store Gender Politics [VIDEO]
Riley, the clever little girl in this video, has an epiphany in a toy store that turns into a mini-rant about the way that companies “try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of the stuff that boys want to buy.” Looks like toy companies ought to give the youngsters they market their products to a little more credit.
Couple Reunited With Missing Beanie Baby After Posting $500 Reward
Less than a week after losing their cherished Beanie Baby, Bongo, a grief-stricken NYC couple has been reunited with their beloved toy monkey. Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi gained a fair bit of press for themselves when they plastered the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope with posters offering a $500 cash reward for the safe return of the plush doll, which they had raised like a son for over 10 ye