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Body Found at UTEP
Body Found at UTEP
When a celebrity commits suicide, there is worldwide coverage of the story. Blogs are written detailing the pain that celebrity was going through and links to suicide prevention are trotted out. But what happens when the person in pain isn't a celebrity. Local news outlets have a long-standing policy of not reporting on suicides, so the discovery of a body hanging from a tree on the UTEP campus, w
Depression Played A Major Role In The Death Of Robin Williams – Here’s Where You Can Get Help If You Are Also Suffering From Depression
There is nothing like the death of a celebrity to throw light on subjects like cancer, drug addiction, and in the case of Robin Williams, depression. The whole world was shocked to find out that he died yesterday, and the news that he committed suicide after battling depression for years, was an even bigger shock. Robin Williams had a lot of resources available to him to help in his battle with de

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