iPotty Lets Pottytraining Toddlers Use the Bathroom Like Grownups
Pottytraining can be frustrating, not to mention time consuming, cutting into precious minutes a toddler could be spending watching Dora the Explorer, but not anymore! Meet the iPotty, a training toilet with a built-in holder for an iPad so your toddler can use the restroom just like a grownup -- while playing Angry Birds and watching Netflix.
Are You Guilty of Using This Parenting Technique? [VIDEO]
My mother has always told me about her childhood stories of her ducking from "La Chancla". I was actually a good child and never had to worry about flying sandals. According to this video, this parenting habit is tradition for Hispanics and the best technique to use.
Valentine’s Day Memes For Singles
Valentine's Day is almost here and I don't want to leave out the single peeps! These memes could either make you smile or feel completely alone. Grab some chocolate, a cat and enjoy! Just remember, my goal is to make you smile!
Top 10 List Explains Why There Are So Many Top 10 Lists
Top 10 lists used to be the domain of David Letterman and the FBI’s Most Wanted, but they’re now popping up on the internet with the frequency of Subway restaurants on street corners. There are so many lists, in fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to it. What’s behind this trend? So glad you asked.
You Know You’re From El Paso, When…
Only In El PasoIt's an El Paso thing. How many times have you tried to explain the, well, unique way of life we have here on the border? Because, really, where else would Chico's Tacos be considered tacos?! Here are a couple of other 'El Paso things'. How many can you come up with?