The Haunted Forest 2015 Is Now Open
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the KLAQ Haunted House, Metro PCS presents the KLAQ Haunted Forest!
This year, dare to walk through real life horror films at the Haunted Forest outdoors, were guests will get splattered with blood in the mind-bending 4D experience...
El Paso High School Named Most Haunted School In America
El Paso has been called among the sweatiest, dumbest, and fattest cities in the country, but a website has given us major props for having the scariest haunted high school in America. We're Number One! We're Number One! checked out scary stories about high schools all over the…
5 Haunted Date Night Spots
Here are five great haunted places in El Paso and New Mexico that will get you and your date’s hearts pounding and bring you closer together
Americans Want to be Haunted by Abraham Lincoln
According to a new survey by Nielsen Entertainment released by the television network Destination America, 79% of Americans believe in ghosts. If you think people are crazy for believing in ghost, you will think they are insane for choosing Abraham Lincoln over a busty babe to haunt them.
Double Eagle Ghost
Is this video of a shadow evidence of a ghostly figure? Just what did the Research in Paranormal Science El Paso cameras capture while investigating the Double Eagle restaurant in Old Mesilla?

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