Happy Birthday, Kathleen Turner!
Birthday girl, Kathleen Turner, was one of the sexiest women on the big screen, but Mike didn't know that she also voiced one of the sexiest cartoon characters of all time!
House On Friends
No, not literally a house on Friends, but Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays House...  on Friends!  We were talking this morning about hot rock stars we would run away because of that DC Housewife who ran away with Neal Schon from Journey, and somehow, we got onto House and Hugh Laurie, and …
So Close and Yet…….
Just when you thought you were finished with your Christmas shopping, along come the friend for whom you didn't buy a gift, with a gift for you!  AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! 
I had just walked up to the front door of my house after a very, very long day when I heard a car stop on the street…