El Paso weather

First Freeze Of Winter Season Could Hit El Paso This Week
Some crazy storm battered Alaska a few days ago, and now the aftermath of that storm is going to make it down around these parts. We won't get snow, but it will be cold, and since we are desert rats, it's always best to be prepared. Time to head to Walmart for Pop Tarts and water...
El Paso Gets Rain And Hail
It's amazing what a little, or a lot, of rain will do to El Pasoans. The wet stuff falling from the sky sends us scurrying outside to capture Mother Nature turning on the shower!
I was at my house when things started getting really dark and ominous...
Weekend Weather Forecast
The weekend is here, and just in case you haven't gotten the chance to listen to our morning weather guy, Jorge Torres, here is the forecast for the weekend and into your coming work week.

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