El Paso Sheriff's Office

Follow These Twitter Accounts For Emergency Info In El Paso
If this week's wild weather has shown us anything, it's that you need to be on social media to get up-to-the-minute emergency information. Pull your phone out and follow these El Paso Twitter accounts so the next time apocalyptic weather hits the city, or any other type of emergency happen…
Suspect In Sexual Assault Of 12 Year Old Caught
On Friday night, a 12 year old girl was kidnapped from a football game in Horizon, and sexually assaulted by the man who allegedly kidnapped her. The El Paso Sheriff's Office turned to the public for help in finding the man. He has been caught, and is under a $500,000 bond.
Human Trafficking Happens In El Paso - Help Stop It
When you hear the word ‘trafficking’, you probably think of drug trafficking, but El Paso has become a hotbed for an even scarier type of trafficking – human trafficking.  This horrifying crime happens here, and as happens in so many cases, it involves under age girl…

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