A Chocolate Affair 2015 [Photos]
KISS-FM’s 4th Annual Chocolate Affair took place at the Fountains at Farah once again featuring a larger footprint, entertainment and delicious decadent chocolate from over 18  El Paso chocolate vendors.
Is The World Running Out Of Chocolate?
You know what happens when you spend more money than you make? You run out of money. Turns out, we're doing the same thing with chocolate, and I don't know about you, but I don't want to run out of chocolate. So, how do we avoid running out of it? You're not going to like the ans…
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For El Paso Guys
There's no gift giving occasion more terrifying to men than Valentine's Day.  They have to send flowers to their wife's workplace, or face her at home after a day of her being the only one at the office who didn't get flowers.  Then he has to get her chocolate, but not drugstore chocolate, Godiva ch…

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