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El Paso Malls Thanksgiving, Black Friday Hours
Looking for Black Friday hours for El Paso's most popular shopping destinations? Check here. An inquiry of area malls and shopping centers finds most plan to kick off Black Friday on Thanksgiving night.
Insane El Paso Walmart Brawl Shown on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
A video of shoppers fighting over a discounted flat-screen TV at a Northeast El Paso Walmart on Thanksgiving night not only went viral this past weekend, clips from it made it onto two Black Friday compilations featured on network television shows.
My First Black Friday Experience Involved Tasers!
Black Friday, you either hate it or love it. Sometime in between the angry Walmart shoppers and standing outside of Best Buy for 2 hours, I realized I hate it.
I am still kicking myself for agreeing to go with my boyfriend and his cousins to the Doorbuster deals at Walmart on Thanksgiving evening. I …
El Paso Black Friday and Saturday Deals
Once all the annoying relatives are gone, doesn’t a nice, long nap on a brand new comfortable mattress sound great?
Well you can get some great deals at Popular Mattress’ first ever Black Friday Sale! Check out some of the great sales going on during Black Friday!
Black Friday Store Hours!
It's that time again to crush people for the newest electronics and fist fight with your fellow shoppers!  I admire those who really know how to fight for a deal but I have never experienced the chaos of Black Friday.
This year ...

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