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Texas Stay At Home Order to Expire April 30
Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced the Stay At Home Order will be lifted on May 1. "Now, it's time to set a new course. A course that responsibly opens business in Texas. We will open in a way that uses safe standards", the governor said on Monday.
Corner Bakery Reopening 4 Stores
Some great news for fans of Corner Bakery. KTSM is reporting that four corner bakeries in El Paso will be reopening soon. Corner Baker is will be offering takeout, curbside pickup and third-party delivery at it's four El Paso locations.
Tesla to Open Service Center in El Paso
Tesla has filed state papers to open a sales and service center in El Paso, according to El Paso Inc magazine. According to the filing, the sales, delivery and service center will be located at 7825 Helen of Troy Dr. in Northwest El Paso.
What Were Those Flames Coming From Juarez?
You may have noticed a large cloud of smoke coming from south Juarez on Friday, April 17th. According to El Diario De Juarez, a large truck carrying copper and other metals caught fire. The truck was from a near by recycling company called Ecorec...
Avoid Withdrawing Money From Your 401K
Times are tough. Many of us are finding it hard to make ends meet. You might be tempted to withdraw money from your 401K. After all, it's your money and you should use when ever you want, right?
While the vested portion of your 401K belongs to you, early withdrawals come with some bad consequenc…

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