Ryan Leak overheard his girlfriend, Amanda Roman, telling her friends she would love to get engaged and married on the same day. With the help of her Pinterest account and a lot of planning, he made it happen in one of the sweetest videos of all time.

Ryan Leak says he knew he would marry Amanda Roman the second he first saw her. Five years to the day after their first date, Ryan planned an elaborate proposal and wedding in hopes that Amanda would say yes.

For months prior, Ryan had been using Amanda’s Pinterest account, filled with 224 photos, to plan her dream wedding on the same day she got engaged. One hundred family members flew to Miami to surprise Amanda and make their big day happen. They looked on as she got engaged and surprised her when Ryan explained they were also getting married that day.

Through canceled flights and last-minute changes of plans, Ryan still made their surprise wedding happen. Watch the heart-warming video below that explains exactly how Ryan did it and shows Amanda’s reaction to the entire day.