Paris Hilton experienced the most terrifying plane ride that had her thinking she "was going to die," only to learn it was a prank pulled on her by an Egyptian TV show.

Hilton, who was in Dubai for a promotional appearance, was invited to go on a short plane ride to tour the country from above, along with other V.I.P. guests and the prank show host. The first sign of trouble occurs when the smell of rotten eggs fills the plane, causing Paris to ask, "Is the toilet like overflowing?" Things go from bad to worse when the plane begins to plummet and Paris, literally in tears at this point, thinks she's about to die. "Is this normal? What is happening?" she cries.

The prank goes on for several minutes, before the plane lands safely and the TV host finally lets Hilton in on the joke. The hoax is so over the top, though, that it's hard to believe it's not fake. Paris' reactions seem genuine, and she's not a good actor, but who knows? We report, you decide.