The El Paso news scene has its share of attractive news anchors and reporters, but none who can say they've strutted down the catwalk in high heels and a bikini while a nation watches. Until now, that is.

Her name is Lissette Garcia, and she's KFOX 14's newest traffic reporter. Here's what my Internet stalking skills have uncovered about Lissette:


She was born and raised in Miami, Florida, won the title of Miss Florida USA in 2011, placed top 15 in the Miss USA pageant, loves "getting down and dirty" -- under the hood of a classic car, that is -- and looks great in curlers.


Welcome to El Paso Lisette. We don't have a South Beach, but we've got plenty of sand!

Watch Lissette strut down the catwalk at the 2011 Miss USA pageant: