What! You don't know Minty the Candy Cane? Well let me introduce you!

Have you ever been enjoying a delicious minty candy cane then accidentally dropped it on the ground? I have numerous times or I have stabbed myself from the sharp end I created. You know you have too...

Well from the crazy mind of Conan O'Brien, they created another holiday mascot back in 2010 called Minty the Candy Cane. Yes, his name is very creative.

Minty brings back the childhood memories of all the candy canes my teachers used to give me during my school days and all the times I ended up dropping it when I was talking or running around.

The grossest stuff would always end up on my candy canes and I would have to throw it away. I guess the five second rules doesn't apply to candy canes.

Poor Minty "fell on the ground for just a moment or two" according to the Christmas jingle but manages to have the weirdest stuff attached to him. He is covered in disgusting items such as a cigarette butt, ants and pennies.

If you love cute holiday characters, watch Minty come back to life and surprise Conan's audience. You will end up with this song in your head!


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