Christmas is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for Christmas lights. The City has started putting up the official downtown Christmas lights display, and at today’s City Council meeting, the Shawver Park lights display will be up for discussion.

Last year, City Rep. Lily Limon took over the project from former City Rep. Eddie Holguin who had pushed for a Christmas lights display in his Lower Valley district a couple of years ago. Limon took over the project, saying she would raise private funds to cover the cost.

It appears what was covered was the cost of materials and the actual display, but not the labor to put it up. That cost us more than $20,000 in city employee staff hours.

City Reps. Emma Acosta and Dr. Michel Noe raise money to cover all costs when they put on movies at parks in their district. Noe says he supports the Lower Valley display, but not if taxpayers are paying for it. He also doesn’t want other city reps saying they want lights display in their districts at taxpayer expense.

Limon’s assistant said she is out of town when her office was contacted by ABC 7 for a comment on Shawver Park. Limon is expected to attend today’s City Council meeting where the issue will be discussed further.

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