Gaga is angering people once again. Welcome back Mother Monster!

Friday in Vancouver, Canada, Gaga strutted around in a bra that had two plastic guns attached to the cups during one of her performances. Her "Born This Way Ball" tour is full of outrageous dances and props but this costume has really hit a nerve with people.

Due to the recent Sandy Hook tragedy, people are outrage that Gaga would still wear this bra. In her video "Alejandro", Gaga wears a bra with even bigger guns but no one spoke up about that at the time.

She wore this outfit a day after Joe Biden met with Congress and the NRA (National Rifle Association) to discuss gun control. Before everyone jumps on Gaga, she has petitioned for gun control regulation and signed onto the Demand A Plan campaign to stop gun violence.

People are upset because they think Gaga is showing "gun porn". They believe her wearing guns is the only way she can stimulate fans. I really don't agree with this idea but I do understand that people are sensitive still about the subject. What are your thoughts?

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