Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite Texas artists would sound like combined with another song? Like what if Pantera & David Bowie collaborated together or Drowning Pool did a song with Brittney Spears? Well thankfully there are extremely people that came up with some creative mashups for us to listen so now we can hear what it WOULD sound like!

Let's hear some Pantera mashups first

It should come as no surprise that, arguably, the loudest band from Arlington, Pantera is loved by the Texas (and the music world). So much that some people want to hear what they'd sound like if combined with David Bowie. Like this mashup called "5 Minutes of Fame".

How about if Bill Withers played with Pantera? What we get is "Use My Mouth for War".

Or my personal favorite...The Marvelettes warning people to..."Don't Mess With Phil".

People love taking Drowning Pool's biggest song and using it in mashups

We know that "Bodies" is the biggest hit from the Dallas rocker & it just so happens to work in MANY different mashups. Like as mentioned before, someone made a mashup of Bodies with Brittney Spear's "Toxic".

You'll need an umbrella too because the forecast says there's a chance of it Raining Bloody Bodies. Yes...this is a mashup of Drowning Pool with Slayer & The Weather Girls with some...special guests in it too.

Texas' biggest band, ZZ Top was, of course, used in some mashups

If you were ever curious on what ZZ Top & ABBA would sound like together, well here's your chance to find out...

If you're looking for something to crank up at the party, and to get the people off guard, you can play with Lil Jon/ZZ Top mashup. Definitely a good choice to play while taking a shot.

Perhaps that wasn't your style...maybe you wanted to hear Amy Winehouse & Wham! do a song with ZZ Top. Well we have that too.

People love taking some of the biggest Texas names in pop music & turning them into their creations

There are MANY to choose from so where do we start? How about we start with good ol' Post Malone from Grapevine, Texas. Here's Posty "singing" in September with Earth, Wind & Fire.

Or him singing with Tame Impala?

Maybe we need to play something more...sensual. Thankfully we have the soulful mashup from Houston's Queen Bee, Beyoncé, in this mashup with Maxwell. It sounds so good, I'd love for this to be a real song honestly.

Another huge pop name is none other than Fort Worth's Kelly Clarkson. Someone did a mashup of her song "Stronger" with P!nk's "Try". To be honest this sounds like something that also could exist...

Huge country names from Texas have some wild mashups too

Did you ever think that The King of Country, George Strait, would do a mashup with Twista? Well until that EVER happens, we have this mashup to hold us over. You can also picture a cowboy riding away in a big ol truck in the night with this song blasting out the speakers...

The same user made another mashup of Midland & Latto. Giving us some big...T energy. Texas energy that is.

Even El Paso artists got the mashup treatment

These names from El Paso, Texas are so big & loved online, some people wanted to show their creativity with mashups too. Take this mashup of Khalid with Rhianna

Cigarettes After Sex's music sounds like it blend flawlessly with Lana Del Rey & I'm not the only one who thinks that too. "Apocalypse" & "Ride" are blended together beautifully on THIS mashup.

Want to hear what The Mars Volta & Radiohead sound like if they performed together? I never knew I'd hear it but someone combined "Roulette Dares" & "Nude" together and now... I need more of these mashups.

Someone even made a mashup of Late Night Drive Home's "Stress Relief" & Mr. Kitty's "Unstable". It almost has a Depeche Mode vibe going for it.

I know there are SEVERAL more found online, but I hope this is a good starting point if you want to go down the rabbit hole of music mashups. I know I'm gonna keep on digging deep myself...

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