The only husband this Texas lady didn't kill, or at least try to kill, was the one that left her before she could.

In her defense, Betty Lou Beets didn't have a very easy life. She lost her hearing at the age of 3, her "unstable" Mom was institutionalized when she was 12 leaving her to raise her siblings and she was sexually abused by her father and other men.

After a childhood like that, it's easy to understand how she may have become a little "unstable" herself.

She married super young, aged 15, and had 5 kids with hubby number 1 before he bailed on her after about 16 years. While that may have been a sh***y thing to do, it was also probably the smartest thing he ever did.

How Many Husbands Did Betty Lou Beets Kill Or Try To Kill?

After that, Betty Lou remarried 4 times and only 2 hubbies out of 5 lived to tell the tale.

  • Husband #2 arrived in 1970 and she shot him after he broke her nose. He lived and her charges were dropped after he admitted threatening to kill her. Somehow, they stayed married for 2 years.
  • In 1978 Bachelor #3 showed up ... she tried to run him over but missed. He and #2 both testified against her.
  • She shot #4 and buried him in a garage.
  • #5 got shot too and Betty made it appear his body was in a lake. After the cops spent 3 weeks dragging the lake, it turned out she'd actually thrown his body in an abandoned well.

She pled not guilty and actually tried to pin the murder on two of her kids but, fortunately, the court didn't buy it.

The conviction was overturned on appeal, then reinstated three years later. After a decade of unsuccessful appeals, Beets was sentenced again to death in November of 1989. Her case then wound through the Federal courts for another ten years before she received a lethal injection at Huntsville in February of 2000. -

Her son said, at the time of her execution, "She really didn’t have no expression on her face at all."

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