This is SOOOO Texas ... a grocery store in Texas is one of 8 experimenting with new vending machines that sell ammunition.

Yep, it's true ... and it's not only in Texas. 3 other states, (Colorado, Alabama and Oklahoma), are also trying this idea out and others are lining up.

The head honcho of the company that builds these machines said they've got over 200 store requests, (from 9 states in all), for these gadgets and the requests just keep pouring in.

American Rounds, the company behind these vending machines, put up the first one in Pell City, Alabama then moved on to other locations including a Lowe's Market in Canyon Lake, Texas.

The machines use AI technology, card scanners and facial recognition software to verify the buyer's age and identity as well as ensuring that the ID matches the customer.

The American Rounds website says:

We are at the cutting edge of retail ammunition technology, constantly evolving to incorporate the latest advancements in AI and machine learning.

Our automated ammo dispensers represent the pinnacle of this innovation, designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability.

By embracing change and challenging the status quo, we aim to revolutionize the ammunition industry, making purchasing simpler, faster, and smarter for everyone.

One machine was shut down in Alabama after its legality was called into question.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley confirmed through the ATF that the machines are legal since an FFL isn't required to sell ammo. Pretty soon you may not have to drive all the way to a gun or sporting goods store to stock up.

The corner Quickie Mart could soon have you "locked 'n loaded" in minutes.

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